How to prepare for Olympiads?

Olympiads are competitive exams conducted at school level. They are the best way for one to assess one's understanding of concepts. They give real exposure of competitive world to students. 

You have to be very focused for achieving excellence in Olympiads. Few quick tips for preparing these exams are:

Identifying the syllabus: Before jumping to the preparation of an Olympiad Exam you should go through the syllabus of the exam. Syllabus of these exams generally adheres to the school syllabus. Identify all topics which are not there in current school syllabus. Generally, Olympiad exams are conducted much before School syllabus is over so you have  to start your preparation early on. 

Understanding the pattern: Syllabus of these exams adheres to the school syllabus but the standard of questions asked is aimed at assessing the advanced level understanding of these concepts. You should go through previous years paper to understand the pattern of exams. 

Identifying the preparation material: As these exams are aimed at assessing advanced level understanding of concepts you should be very careful while selecting your preparation material. You should look for study material which covers entire syllabus of Olympiads. You should also attempt as many questions as you can on each topic. You have to keep in mind that you have to master each concept. You cannot leave few topics. 

Olympiad Genius provides you very focused study material. It also provides rich question bank and model tests based on the exact pattern of exams. 

Planning and Execution: You should plan your preparation. As Olympiad exams are conducted much before school syllabus is over you have to start your preparation early on. Adhering and executing your plan is the key to success.

Assessment and Improvement: You have to assess your preparedness from time to time. You also have to improve upon your mistakes. To achieve excellence in Olympiads you have to be master of everything. You cannot leave difficult topics and dream of achieving excellence.

Olympiad Genius with its unique methodology of learn-assess-improve helps you in identifying and working on your weak areas.

Staying focused and motivated: This is the most important point for students and parents. This is a general tendency of students and parents that they start with full force initially but lose interest very soon after seeing no immediate results. Keep in mind that your efforts will show results eventually but not immediately. You have to keep practicing. You will start seeing results at least after one month of practice. Once you start seeing results you will have momentum and motivation to proceed forward. Initial one month is the biggest hurdle and most of the students and parents give up after seeing no immediate results within the first month only. Always remember Rome was not built in a day. 

You should also remember that you are not competing against anyone but yourself and your aim is to achieve excellence in Olympiads. Once you take out this idea of competition with your peers and you absorb the idea that you are competing against yourself, you will be more focused. You can easily identify your weak and lacking areas and can improve upon them.